About us

Welcome to Disability Expo Australia, where our journey is woven with compassion, experience, and a heartfelt commitment to transforming lives within the disability community and beyond.

Our founders boast a collective wealth of 30 years experience in serving and supporting vulnerable individuals. But what truly sets us apart is our founders’ lived experiences – experiences that have fuelled their genuine desire to effect positive change in our communities.

Among our dedicated founders is an individual who, following a life-altering car accident, faced significant injuries and found themselves in need of daily assistance for a period. This personal journey provided a profound insight into the significance of attending events like ours. It illuminated the critical role such gatherings play in providing opportunities to explore the vast spectrum of services and support available to meet diverse needs and requirements.

This experience wasn’t an isolated one; it was a catalyst. It drove us to create Disability Expo Australia with a unique vision in mind – to establish a space that transcends the ordinary expo experience. Our goal is to infuse every aspect of our event with warmth, inclusivity, and authentic connections.

​At Disability Expo Australia, we don’t merely curate a platform where attendees can access a wide range of service providers; we create an atmosphere and an approach that sets us apart. Our aim is to foster an environment where individuals come together, share their stories, seek the support they need, and contribute to the growth of a more resilient and supportive community.

​As we embark on this remarkable journey, our unwavering commitment to these foundational principles remains steadfast. We extend an invitation to you to join us in making Disability Expo Australia a symbol of hope, opportunity, and inspiration for all. Together, we can illuminate the path toward a brighter, more inclusive future, one connection at a time.